Thing #4!

I really enjoyed reading these blogs!  Quite honestly, because of some internet issues this week and weekend, I am sitting here on Sunday evening scrambling to get these assignments done.  When I got to the task of reading the 5 blogs, my first thought was, “Ok… I’ll read the short ones!”  🙂  But as I started reading the description of each of the blogs, I found myself reading 1-5 because they all caught my interest!

I have a blog of my own that I use for personal and professional use in a sports arena.  However, I had no idea that such educational blogs existed or that teachers were using them with their students until this course.  What a great idea! 

It’s such a neat forum that provides the opportunity to bring together students, teachers, parents, and administrators.  I like that you can use it for professional uses, such as Mr. Meyer did in  One of my favorite ones was the scribe post in which the student basically updated all parties on what is going on in the classroom.  We talk about teaching as the best way to really and truly learn something.  Having a student post a blog post describing what they’ve learned and then including graphs that they have created illustrating this was incredible to me!

I do agree with the post about Silent Reading in which the teacher recognized that all of our reading and writing habits have changed.  I haven’t updated my blog as much lately ever since I joined facebook because blogging is even more time consuming that facebook.  On sites such as fb you can write one little sentence and read everyone else’s one sentence and be “up to date!”  We have all gotten so busy lately, students included, these types of quick read/write forums definitely help keep us reading and writing without dedicating ourselves to a full book.  So I think recognizing these types of sources as true reading and writing in the form of comments IS definitely beneficial.  However, I am glad that he recognizes that books really do serve a purpose and WILL be incorporated into class because all of this quick reading and writing isn’t nearly as relaxing as curling up with that good book!  🙂

However, I think blogging is a wonderful way to contribute to learning as in the video it mentioned, it brings together all individuals rather than relying simply on professionals.  The comments enrich the learning that much more by integrating lots of people’s encouragement, corrections, different opinions and additions to the information that is shared.  What a great world!

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